Who is Chris Evans dating? – Current Relationship Status of Chris Evans

This can be a heartbreaking news for some of Chris Evans’s female fans but for some it can be a very exciting news. The wait is over now, and we got to know about the current relationship status of actor Chris, we found that who is Chris Evans dating nowadays, yes this is true that Chris Evans is in a relationship with the lead actress of Netflix series named as ‘Warrior Nun’. Since November 2022, it has been rumored that Chris Evan got into relationship with 25-years-old actress ‘Alba Baptista’. According to some sources it is said that the relationship between them is very serious. They both fell in love with each other which seems very cute and adorable.

Who is Chris Evans dating

Who is Alba Baptista?

Alba Baptista was born on July 10, 1997, in Lisbon, Portugal. She completed her schooling in German School of Portugal. She started her career at the age of 16 and played a main character in Simão Cayatte’s short film named as ‘Miami’ and for that she received a best actress award also. Afterwards she worked in various projects, but she did her first English-Language debut in a Netflix Series ‘Warrior Nun’ in which she played a lead role as Ava. The first season on ‘Warrior Nun’ was released on July 02, 2022, and the second season was released on November 10, 2022.

Who is Chris Evans dating

How the love-story started

In 2021, actress Baptista started following Chris and some of the family members of him on Instagram this is how the story began. Then on October 31, 2022, Chris Evan shared a post on his official Instagram account in which there was a picture of two carved jack-o-lantern with a caption of “Happy Halloween” and the picture was similar to actress Alba’s mother’s profile picture. So, the fans were smart enough to gauge the hints.

Who is Chris Evans dating

In November 2022, Chris Evans posted a comment consists of emoticons on one of Alba’s posts on Instagram and just after that day both of these beautiful people were pepped walking in Manhattan, Central Park holding each other’s hands. People were looking at them, but both of these people seemed like very comfortable with each other and this incident made very clear that both of them were in a relationship and recently on January 07, 2023, Chris shared a story which gave a red flag to this rumor of their relationship status.

Chris Evans’s Recent Instagram Story ‘A look back at 2022’

Yes, it’s public now. It seems like the couple is ready to share their beautiful bond with their fans and loved ones. Chris Evans recently on January 07, 2023, shared an Instagram story on his official Instagram account as ‘chrisevans’ in which he shared a video with a title ‘A look back at 2022’ with three heart emoticons. This video contains a compilation of eight lovely occasions where both of them tried to surprise each other using trickster ways which showed their bond. It is a fragrance of love which could be seen in the video. It showed their various moments of 2022 where they had fun in surprising manner. It is such a treat to eyes for their loved ones and true fans. This is the first time where Chris shared such a video clip, and this action of Chris says a lot. It can be either a normal fun video shared by him to his fans or a public announcement of his relationship with Alba, but the fans already got to know a lot about them.

Now we all got to know that who is Chris Evans dating so May God bless both of them and we wish them a beautiful and prosperous life ahead. You may also like: Read this

1- Who is the wife of Chris Evans?

Chris Evans is bachelor.

2 – What is the age difference between Chris Evans and Alba Baptista?

Currently Alba is 25 years old, and Chris is 41 years old, so the total difference is of 16 years.

3 – Who is dating Captain America?

Alba Baptista

4 – Who is Steve Rogers?

Chris Evans has played lead role in Captain America series as ‘Steve Rogers’.

5 – Who is ‘Sexiest Man Alive 2022?’

Chris Evans

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