Young Justin Bieber – 10 Unknown Facts About Him

Young Justin Bieber started his singing career in 2007 when he was only 12 and today, he is 28 and he is immensely famous. Justin Bieber is a very popular name in Hollywood music industry, he is one of the self-made artists who has contributed a lot in modern day music. He has created a number of masterpieces. He is born on March 01, 1994, in London, Ontario, at St. Joseph’s Hospital and he was raised in a small town of Stratford. His father’s name is Jeremy Jack Bieber and mother’s name is Pattie Mallette, they both never married, and Justin has been raised by his mother. Justin’s step maternal grandfather and maternal grandmother helped Mallette in raising Justin. There are 10 facts about Justing that people may want to know.

Young Justin Bieber

Pics of Young Justin Bieber (From 2007 to 2022)

10 Facts About Young Justin Bieber

Fact #1

In an interview with Kathie Lifford, Justin Bieber’s mother Mallette stated that she was 17-year-old teenager when she got pregnant with Justin, and she was forced to abort the child, but she didn’t. She said that she could do anything to keep that child and abortion was never an option for her to consider.

Young Justin Bieber

Fact #2

When Justin was 12, he participated in a singing competition named as Stratford Idol in his hometown Stratford in which he secured second position. Scooter Braun was a person who discovered Justin on YouTube and took him to Atlanta Georgia.

Young Justin Bieber

Fact #3

Once, Justin had to perform in Salt Lake City, but he got late because he went to meet his fan who was hospitalized, she had leukemia and Justin visited to her and spent enough time but eventually he got late for his performance.

Young Justin Bieber

Fact #4

Justin has also played a role in an episode on Crime Scene Investigation on September 23, 2010.

Young Justin Bieber

Fact #5

Justing Bieber has got 33 Guinness World Records on his name from 2012 to 2020 which is a huge achievement for him.

Young Justin Bieber

Fact #6

Justin has been nominated for around 403 times for various awards but received around 354 awards in total till now, which is a great number.

Young Justin Bieber

Fact #7

Justin has been nominated for Grammy Awards for 23 times but won 2 Grammy Awards till now. He won his first Grammy Award for ‘Best Dance/Electronic Recording’ in 2016 for ‘Where Are You Now’ and second Grammy Award for ‘Best Country Duo/Group Performance’ in 2021 for ‘10,000 Hours, which is a huge achievement for him, and he has showed his gratitude for this by his gestures.

Young Justin Bieber

Fact #8

This fact is known by a very few people but yes this is a fact. Young Justin Bieber spoke about his mentor, and he said the name of Will Smith.

Young Justin Bieber

Fact #9

Young Justin Bieber said that he wanted to become an architect, if he would fail in his singing career but luckily his singing career skyrocketed at a very early age.

Young Justin Bieber

Fact #10

Justin Bieber is so sensitive, and he is a big Disney Fan.

Young Justin Bieber

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1 – Is Justin Bieber adopted?

No, he is not adopted, Justin’s parents never got married and he was raised by his mother only.

2 – Who is Justin Bieber’s real dad?

Justin Bieber’s real dad name is ‘Jeremy Bieber’.

3 – Who is Justin Bieber’s half-brother?

Justin Bieber’s half-brother’s name is ‘Jaxson Bieber’.

4 – Who is Selena Gomez to Justin Bieber?

Selena Gomez and Justin dated each other for a few years and their relationship has been very famous also.

5 – Is Justin Bieber a billionaire?

No, Justin is not a billionaire, but he is immensely wealthy and popular specially in youth. He has been inspiration for youth.

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