Kyla Weber – The Life of Vince Vaughn’s Beautiful Wife

Kyla Weber is a person who has been accused of stealing the heart of Vince Vaughn. Yes, this pretty lady is a wife of American Screenwriter, Producer, Comedian and Actor Vince Vaughn. She is a Canadian real estate agent(realtor) who usually does not share her personal stuff on social media. She started becoming famous when the rumors of Vince and her relationship were going on public via media. Day-by-day she was turning a celebrity wife from a realtor which worked in her favor in terms of gaining popularity. Vince Vaughn has accepted that this gorgeous lady grabbed all of his attention when he met her first time. Both of these people accepted that the seeds of love were immediately got planted when they met each other for the first time, it was more like a love of first sight for both of them.

Kayla Weber

Quick Bio:

Real Name – Kyla Weber

Gender – Female

Height – 5 Feet 5 Inches

Measurement – 34-27-34

Date Of Birth – July 01, 1979

Age (as of 2022) – 43

Profession – Realtor

Spouse – Vince Vaughn

Children – Lochlyn Kyla Vaughn (daughter born on December 18, 2010) and Vernon Lindsay Vaughn (son born on August 07, 2013)

Place Of Birth – Okotoks, Canada

Hometown – Okotoks, Canada

Nationality – Canadian

Ethnicity – White

Zodiac Sign – Cancer

Kayla Weber

Kyla Weber: All about her Career and Life before she met Vince Vaughn

She has been born and brought up in Okotoks, Canada which is situated at a distance of 18kms. in south of the City of Calgary. Her father’s name is Ken Weber, but the name of her mother has not been revealed by her. She is a person that does not like to reveal more things about her personal life. She did not put anything about her educational background on social platforms, but she is well known as a realtor. There’s no doubt that she did a lot of hard work to become a successful realtor. In 2007, an article was published by New Home Living in which it was mentioned that she worked in ‘Coco Homes’ in Cimarron as a manager where she earned between $24,000 to $150,000 on an average. She established her career as a real estate agent who sold out luxurious properties. It is said that she used to live lavish and luxurious lifestyle even before she met her current husband (Vince) due to her higher earnings. She still works as a real estate agent successfully but also attends some Hollywood occasions with her husband happily.

Kayla Weber

Vince Vaughn: All about his Dating Life before he met Kyla Weber

Vince has dated Joey Lauren Adams during 1997-1998 then he had also encountered his feelings for Anne Heche in 1998, but his relationship with Jennifer Aniston got so much attention of media during 2005-2006. Vince met Weber in 2007 in a wedding. Later on, in 2008 Vince was being papped with a very beautiful and not so popular lady named as Kyla Weber which spreaded the rumors that he was dating her and in 2010 he got married with Weber.

Kayla Weber

Kyla Weber Met Vince Vaughn: The background story of meeting two beautiful hearts

This is going to be a romantic story of two celebrity love birds. Kayla and Vince both were introduced by Vince’s producer friend in a wedding in May 2007 and according to these beautiful people that first meeting was more like a love at first sight and after a few months they started dating each other. Just after 4 months of dating Kyla went to Chicago to meet the parents of Vince in 2008. On 14th February 2009, Vince proposed Weber with an engagement ring. In March 2009, the rumors were going public that Vince proposed Weber with a $125,000 engagement ring. A Canadian newspaper ‘Montreal Gazette’ published the news about engagement ring which was confirmed by her father. Due to aggressive attention of media, the couple was bounded to knot the ties privately. So, they arranged a secret ceremony at the ‘Lake Forest Academy, Illinois, USA’ which included 3 days of functions with 65 people. Finally, they got married on January 2, 2010. On the very next day, the news of their married went viral on social media platforms. On Ellen DeGeneres Show in January 2011, Vince said, “I met the best girl in the world” and added “It gives you such a great purpose in your life. If I would’ve met her, I would’ve done it a long time ago so I’m very, very happy.”

“Sometimes, in our industry, well, I speak for myself, maybe that’s an excuse, but you don’t mature always at the same time. So, if I was very fortunate that when I got ready and was open to that, then that person came into my life,” he added. “You have to be ready to receive that. No question.”

They are now parents of two children. On December 18, 2010, their first child Lochlyn Kyla Weber (daughter) was born and on August 07, 2013, their second child Vernon Lindsay Vaughn (son) was born. As a family they spent their precious time in Illinois before their California home. Currently the family is living in Manhattan Beach in California in a 7,308sq. ft huge property worth $6.47 million.

Some Quick Facts About Kyla Weber

  • Kyla has become a famous personality but still she stays away from limelight of media.
  • Weber is 9 years younger than Vince
  • She used to visit to her husband’s sets when she was pregnant with her first child.
  • She has never been a part of any controversy, but her husband (Vince) got caught nearby Hermosa Beach with the charge of driving while intoxicated on June 10, 2018.
  • There is a similarity of Vince’s mother and Kyla that his mother was also a Canadian born realtor.
  • Kyla continued to work as a realtor even after her marriage.
  • She just loves keratin shampoos and takes care of her hair in well manner. You can also make your hair like her by purchasing this amazing product Click Here


Kyla Weber, a non-celebrity Canadian woman who established herself as a successful realtor, once met a popular guy (Vince) in a wedding and fell in love with him. She began to become popular as a girlfriend of Vince then became her better-half by marrying him. After marriage she continued to work as a realtor and gave birth to two adorable children and now, she is living her life with a beautiful life with her husband and two little kids. Isn’t it a beautiful fairy tale of a girl who became famous and created her own little world with her husband and two children. She has proved that she is an accomplished and graceful woman.

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01) Who is Kyla Weber?

A realtor and the wife of Vince Vaughn.

02) Who is Vince Vaugh’s wife?

Kyla Weber is a relator and Vince Vaugh’s wife.

03) Is Jennifer Aniston still Vince Vaughn’s friend?

Yes, they both are still friends.

04) Are Vince and Klya still married?

Yes, they both are still married.

05) How many kids do Vince and Klya have

Two, their first child’s name is Lochlyn Kyla Weber, and second child’s name is Vernon Lindsay Vaughn (son).





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