Selena Gomez confirmed her relationship with Benny Blanco in December last year through an Instagram comment on a fan account.

Romantic Confirmation


The couple has openly flaunted their love, sharing romantic pictures and engaging in public displays of affection at award shows and events.

Public Display of Affection


Selena recently posted an intimate photo on her Instagram stories, offering a glimpse into her cozy mornings with Benny Blanco in their bedroom.

Intimate Instagram Stories


The photo features Selena snugly wrapped in a white blanket, peacefully sleeping with her head nestled in a comforter, showcasing a serene morning moment.

Cozy Morning Snapshot



Selena and Benny were recently spotted enjoying a fun date at Disneyland, donning stylish outfits and indulging in various theme park rides.

Disneyland Date


The couple made headlines with a passionate kiss backstage, with Selena in a red dress and Benny in a black suit, radiating affection and love.

Backstage Passionate Kiss


Selena captioned the romantic photo with Benny, "Mornings with you," expressing her happiness in the relationship.

Social Media Declaration



Sources reveal that friends, family, and loved ones on both sides are supportive and thrilled about Selena and Benny's potentially lasting relationship.

Supportive Inner Circle


Selena feels at ease and at home with Benny, creating a comfortable and happy dynamic in their relationship.

Casual and Comfortable


Selena Gomez surprised fans by revealing in December that she had secretly been dating Benny Blanco for six months, adding an element of surprise to their love story.

Six-Month Secrecy


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