Sarie Kessler: All about Margot Robbie’s Lovely Mother

Everybody wants to know about Margot Elise Robbie’s mother ‘Sarie Kessler‘ and their bond, how they cherish the beautiful moments and how they handle the worst moments of their life. She is a strong and determined single mother, who navigated the challenges of raising Margot and her siblings on her own after her ex-husband, Doug Robbie, departed when Margot was only five. Kessler skillfully managed the upbringing of four children on a farm in Australia’s Gold Coast, imparting unwavering values and resilience to her kids. As noted by People, even with their non-traditional upbringing, Margot’s early interest in acting was apparent. While initially unaware of her daughter’s acting potential, Kessler later recognized Margot’s precocious nature and natural flair for performance as a child.

Sarie Kessler

Who is Sarie Kessler:

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Sarie Kessler has become famous celebrity mother of all time. She is the mother of a spectacular Hollywood actress ‘Margot Robbie’. Sarie was born on June 22, 1954, and as per 2023 she is 69-year-old. Sarie entered matrimony with sugarcane tycoon Doug Robbie, although the precise date of their union remains undisclosed, they both have four children, sons Lachlan Robbie and Cameron Robbie, and daughters Anya Robbie and Margot. Their marriage concluded when Margot, their daughter, was a mere five years old, marking a significant tragedy for both Sarie and Margot. Following her separation from Doug, Sarie sought solace by relocating to her parents’ farm in the Gold Coast hinterland. Sarie and her ex-husband got separated when Margot was just five, it had been difficult for Sarie to raise her children single-handedly. She worked as a physiotherapist. She has seen a series of struggle while raising her children after her separation with her ex-husband, but her struggle eventually made the life of all of her children which is really inspiring for all the ladies in the world. Margot is really proud of her mother and Sarie has the same thought for Margot.

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Sarie Kessler

Quick Bio of Sarie Kessler:

Quick Bio
Full Name Sarie Kessler
First Name Sarie
Last Name Kessler
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Date Of Birth June 22, 1954
Birthplace Australia
Nationality Australian
Horoscope Cancer
Profession Physiotherapist
Father Name Rev. Joseph Villa
Mother Name Mildred Angela Pierce Villa
Spouse Doug Robbie
Current Marital Status Divorced
No. of Children 4
Kessler’s Son Lachlan Robbie
Kessler’s Son Cameron Robbie
Kessler’s Daughter Anya Robbie
Kessler’s Daughter  Margot Robbie

Sarie Kessler’s Professional Journey:

Sarie, a skilled physiotherapist, dedicated her expertise to assisting individuals managing pain and mobility challenges. Her primary focus, especially during her children’s formative years, revolved around providing care to the elderly. Over time, she transitioned her professional efforts towards aiding children with disabilities.

Mother-Daughter Bond of Sarie Kessler and Margot Robbie:

  • Margot thinks her mother possess a golden heart: Margot affectionately characterizes her mother as possessing a heart of gold, expressing deep admiration for her as the most morally upright individual she has the privilege to know. Influenced by her mother’s impactful work and compassionate nature, Margot actively participates in charitable initiatives dedicated to aiding young Australians with disabilities. This showcases Margot’s genuine commitment to causes that hold significant importance to both her and her mother.
  • Margot settled her mother’s mortgage: In 2014, Margot pleasantly stunned her mother by settling her mortgages as a special sixtieth birthday gift. Although Sarie considered it the best birthday ever, she experienced a mix of pride and disappointment. The disappointment stemmed from the public revelation of the generous gesture, as the news was disclosed by her son Lachlan through his social media account, making it a personal moment turned public.
  • Margot took her mother as Date: Back in 2019, during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Margot Robbie shared a delightful story about taking her mother to the Oscars. The occasion was when Margot herself was nominated for Best Actress for her role in “I, Tonya” at the 2018 Oscars. Margot, emphasizing their strong bond, expressed her happiness at having her mom as her date for the prestigious event. She recounted a humorous incident where, despite advising her mom to remain composed and not approach anyone, she turned around for a brief moment only to find her mom in the front row engaged in a conversation with Nicole Kidman. Margot called her over, and her mom casually mentioned that Nicole initiated the conversation, showing a heartwarming moment of acceptance and warmth from the acclaimed actress.
  • Sarie emphasized on Margot’s fashion icon journey: Sarie, Margot’s mother, is intrigued by the remarkable journey from Margot’s farm upbringing to her status as a renowned fashion icon. In her youth, Margot sported modest attire like board shorts and mismatched T-shirts. However, the contrast is striking as she now graces glamorous and stylish outfits. Together, as they browse through old photographs, laughter ensues as they reflect on the significant evolution in Margot’s style. Sarie marvels at the transformation of her daughter, who once wore farm boots, now standing alongside celebrated fashion stars.


Sarie Kessler and Margot Robbie share an enduring and heartfelt mother-daughter connection that transcends life’s trials. Sarie, a resilient and devoted mother, single-handedly raised Margot and her siblings on a farm in Australia’s Gold Coast after Doug Robbie, her ex-husband, left when Margot was just five years old. Despite confronting unconventional circumstances, Sarie’s steadfast love and commitment provided a stable foundation for her children.

Margot, recognizing her mother’s fortitude and sacrifices, holds a profound appreciation for Sarie’s pivotal role in shaping her upbringing. The duo shares a unique bond forged through shared experiences and the nurturing environment Sarie created. Although it took time for Sarie to fully recognize her daughter’s acting potential, Margot’s early interest was nurtured by her mother’s support.

Their connection transcends the glamour of Margot’s Hollywood career, rooted in the values and resilience instilled during their years on the family farm. Sarie’s love and guidance undeniably played a significant role in shaping Margot into the accomplished and compassionate individual she is today. Together, they epitomize the strength of a mother-daughter relationship founded on love, support, and shared aspirations.

  • Are Margot Robbie’s parents married?
    Ans – Her parents were separated when she was five.
  • Who is Margot Robbie’s mother?
    Ans – Sarie Kessler is her mother.
  • What is the profession of Sarie Kessler?
    Ans – She is an Australian Physiotherapist.
  • Is Sarie Kessler Married?
    Ans – She got separated when Margot was just five.
  • Who is Sarie’ Kessler’s Husband?
    Ans – Doug Robbie is her husband.

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