Joy Villa: A very strong and unique personality

Joy Villa is more than just a name; she is a rising force in the entertainment industry, weaving a unique narrative that goes beyond the glitz and glamour of the spotlight, she an American singer-songwriter, actress and YouTuber, she has also worked as a producer. She cares for nothing when it comes to wear super unique attire. She has her strong political views that could influence people. From her musical prowess to her bold fashion statements, Villa has become a captivating figure with a story worth exploring. Let’s delve into the untold truths, achievements, and the extraordinary journey that defines Joy Villa.

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joy villa

Who is Joy Villa:

Joy Villa is a multifaceted artist, singer, and activist known for her vibrant personality and bold presence in the entertainment industry. Born on April 25, 1986, in Orange, California, Joy Angela Villa has made a name for herself through her eclectic musical style, outspoken views, and eye-catching fashion choices.

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Villa initially gained attention for her participation in reality TV shows, but it was her transition into the music scene that truly set her apart. She has released several albums, showcasing a blend of pop, rock, and electronic influences. One of her notable moments was at the Grammy Awards, where she made headlines for her unconventional and politically charged red carpet outfits.

Beyond her musical career, Joy Villa is recognized for her activism and engagement in social issues. Her journey is marked by a commitment to self-expression, individuality, and using her platform to advocate for causes close to her heart.

Quick Bio of Joy Villa:

Quick Bio
Real Name Joy Villa
Gender Female
Date Of Birth April 25, 1986
Birthplace Orange, California, USA
Horoscope Taurus
Height 5 feet 10 inches (1.78m)
Vitals Measurement 34-25-38
Language English
Nationality American
Ethnicity (Race) Mixed (Italian, Argentinian, African-American, Choctaw Native American)
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Assistant Director
High School Lampoc High School
Graduation Completed in 2004 but College is Unknown
Father Rev. Joseph Villa
Mother Mildred Angela Pierce Villa
Social Media
Facebook Profile/Page  Facebook Profile of Her
Twitter Profile  Twitter Profile of Her
Instagram Profile  Instagram Profile of Her
YouTube Profile  YouTube Profile of Her
Wikipedia Profile  Wikipedia Profile of Her
IMDB Profile  IMDB Profile of Her
Official Website  “”

Childhood & Education of Joy Villa:

Joy Villa spent her childhood in Orange, California, where she was born on April 25, 1986. Growing up in a vibrant and diverse community, Villa showed early signs of her artistic inclinations. Her passion for creativity and self-expression began to emerge during these formative years. She is related to Kenny Hagood the jazz vocalist, he was her maternal great-uncle. She completed her high school from Lompoc High School, and she completed her graduation in 2004 but the college is unknown. She has started her career since the age from 14 to 16 and now we all are aware of her bold and strong personality.

Personal Life of Joy Villa:

She got married in December 2016 with Danish the Writer and Photographer Thorsten Overgaard. After 4 years of marriage on September 25, 2019, they separated.

Career of Joy Villa:

She is known for the following movies:

  • “My First Toy Company” in which she played a role of a ‘Big Sister’, it got released in 2007.
  • “The Confidant” in which she played a role of ‘Prostitute’, it got released in 2010.
  • “The Contrast” in which she played lead role as ‘Maria Van Rough’, it got released in 2022.
Year Movie/Series Name Role/Name
2022 The Contrast Maria Van Rough (Lead Role)
2018 The Dark Mark Show Podcast Series (1st episode)
2013 Zombie Ed Angela-Zombie Activist
2012 Into the Woods Detective #6
2010 The Confidant Prostitute
2010 Ox Films Collection Mona
2009 Hobgoblins 2 Candy Striper
2009 Tools 4 Fools Satisfied Customer
2008 Beyond the Ring Rich Spectator
2007 Glass Mona
2007 My First Toy Company Big Sister
Year Movie/Series Name Role/Name
2022 The Contrast Executive Producer
2020-2021 The Joy Villa Show TV Series Producer (3 episodes)
2012 Bicycle Dreams Executive Producer
Year Movie/Series Name Role/Name
2020-2021 The Joy Villa Show Writer (2 episodes)
2012 Bicycle Dreams Short Writer
2011 Jill & Jack Short Writer

Her upcoming movie for 2024 is “Brigantia” in which she is playing the role of “Kushtite Princess Amesemi”.

The list of her songs is as follows:

Years Song Name
2011 Cold Wind
2012 Drop Him Off
2014 Vagabonds
2014 Run and Hide
2014 Beautiful
2014 Get Your Freedom
2015 Play
2016 Empty
2017 Make America Great Again!
2018 Devil in the City
2018 Lost
2018 The Star Spangled Banner
2018 Home Sweet Home
2019 Freedom (Fight For It)
2020 Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree
2021 Voice Over Violence

Net Worth of Joy Villa:

Her approximate net worth is $500,000, primarily derived from her successful professional career.

Some Facts & Trivia about Joy Villa:

  • She has been strong supporter of Donal Trump. In 2016, when the presidential elections of the United States were going on, she voted for Donal Trump.
  • On November 28, 2017, she filed a police complaint against Corey Lewandowski (Trump’s former campaign manager) for slapping her buttocks when they both were in a party in Trump hotel.
  • On May 5, 2018, Villa participated in the UK March for Life in London, leading the march from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square.
  • In 2019, while engaging in a debate with a Black Lives Matter activist, Joy characterized Black Lives Matter as a “terrorist organization.” She expressed the view that the movement neglects the issue of Black-on-Black crime and asserted that a majority of individuals killed by the police were criminals. Notably, Villa had previously shown support for BLM and used a #blm hashtag the day after the 2016 election. However, she later stated that she backed Black Lives Matter “until they started killing cops.”
  • Villa has endorsed the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory, and she has frequently worn accessories featuring QAnon themes. In September 2019, Villa was slated to speak at the “Digital Soldiers Conference,” centered around QAnon, but the event was ultimately canceled.
  • In 2020, Joy Villa Productions received $12,000 from ViralPAC for marketing.
  • On November 9, 2020, Villa spoke at a Trump Rally in Mount Juliet, TN, expressing confidence in President Trump’s return to office on Inauguration Day. She emphasized the belief that Trump was chosen for a purpose and encouraged trust in God. Villa also shared her perspective on gender identity, expressing confusion about the challenges faced by gender-neutral individuals.
  • On November 10, 2020, Villa made an appearance on RT America, a global news network based in Moscow, Russia. During the interview, she discussed the 2020 US presidential election and expressed concerns about widespread allegations of voter fraud. Villa mentioned instances of purportedly deceased individuals casting votes for Joe Biden, contributing to the skepticism surrounding the election process.

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