Nadia Farmiga: A Celebrity Sister

Nadia Farmiga, a celebrity sister, we all know the perks of being a celebrity, the celebrities always get the attention of the media but the people who are the relatives of celebrities, also get the attention of the media. Nadia got attention because of her sister, and she used this fame in her favor, which is an interesting thing. She is the owner of catering service, so she needed the attention, and she got it. It’s not nepotism but a very intelligent move. She used to be a mechanical engineer, but she changed her career path and entered in food industry. She and her husband own a restaurant together. In this article we have talked about Nadi and her life journey so stay tuned and read all information about her.

nadia farmiga
Nadia Farmiga

Who is Nadia Farmiga:

Nadia Farmiga, born on February 23, 1977, in Clifton, New Jersey, is a renowned restaurateur and the sister of Hollywood stars Taissa and Vera Farmiga. In contrast to her acting siblings, Nadia has found success in the business world, managing multiple restaurants. With a background in mechanical engineering, she brings a unique skill set to her entrepreneurial pursuits. Born to parents of Ukrainian descent and holding American citizenship, Nadia has a diverse nationality. She is happily married to Wilson Costa, and together, they operate a catering and ordering service through a mobile app. The couple, with Nadia’s Ukrainian heritage and Wilson’s Brazilian roots, celebrates their mixed cultural background and has two children. Nadia’s rise to fame is intertwined with her sisters’ Hollywood stardom, but she has established herself as a notable figure in her own right. Her popularity is not only a result of her sisters’ success but also due to her achievements in the business realm, garnering attention for her thriving ventures.

Quick Bio of Nadia Farmiga:

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Quick Bio
Full Name Nadia Farmiga
First Name Nadia
Last Name Farmiga
Gender Female
Sexuality Straight
Date Of Birth February 23, 1977
Birthplace Clifton, New Jersey
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Father Name Mykhailo Farmiga
Mother Name Luba Farmiga
Current Marital Status Married
Husband Name Wilson Costa
Children Two
Previous Occupation Mechanical Engineer
Current Occupation Catering Servicer
Net Worth $500,000
Famous For Being a sister of Vera Farmiga & Taissa Farmiga

Nadia Farmiga and her Family:

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Nadia Farmiga entered the world in Clifton, New Jersey, within the United States of America. The tapestry of her maternal grandparents’ love story unfolds against the backdrop of World War II, where they found each other in a displaced person camp in Klarsfeld, Germany. Mykhailo, known as Michael Farmiga, stood as Nadia’s father—a Computer System Analyst turned landscaper. Lubo Myra Farmiga, her mother, navigated roles as a former receptionist and medical records manager at Whitehouse Station Family Medicine, and once served as a bank officer at National Westminster Bank from 1993 to 1995. The Farmiga family’s journey began with Michael and Luba’s relocation from Ukraine to Irvington, New Jersey, in pursuit of a brighter future before welcoming their first daughter, Vera. Despite growing up in the United States, Nadia and her siblings did not grasp the English language until later in their lives. Rooted in Ukrainian culture, their parents deliberately immersed them in a tight Ukrainian American community, where Ukrainian served as their primary language. Their childhood unfolded within the embrace of a Ukrainian Catholic household, eventually transitioning to American Pentecostalism. The nomadic nature of Nadia’s parents led them from Irvington to Newark and finally settling on an expansive farmland in Wilmington. Surrounded by nature and traditional communal living, the Farmiga children cultivated a deep affection for animals.

nadia farmiga
Vera Farmiga

Celebrity Vera Farmiga (Nadia’s Sister): Vera Farmiga, born on August 6, 1973, is an accomplished American actress and producer known for her versatile and compelling performances. Raised in a Ukrainian-American household, her exposure to diverse cultures fueled her passion for storytelling. Nominated for Academy Awards and Primetime Emmy Awards, Farmiga’s career spans decades, solidifying her as a leading Hollywood actress. Beyond acting, she ventures into producing, showcasing her multifaceted talent and contributions to the cinematic world.

nadia farmiga
Taissa Farmiga

Celebrity Taissa Farmiga (Nadia’s Sister): Taissa Farmiga, born on August 17, 1994, is an acclaimed American actress known for her versatile performances in film and TV. Rising to prominence in various genres, she started with notable roles in horror films like “The Final Girls” and “The Nun.” Hailing from a Ukrainian-American family, alongside her sister Vera Farmiga, Taissa’s talent extends to television, especially in “American Horror Story,” solidifying her status as a rising star in entertainment.

Nadia Farmiga and her Married Life:

In a joyous journey of matrimony, Nadia and her spouse, Wilson, have forged a lasting bond. While the specifics of their wedding remain a private affair, the couple embarked on a romantic journey that led to their nuptials after several years of courtship. Their wedded life has been a source of joy, carefully kept under wraps. Their story began at Neuville-Sur-Seine, a French restaurant nestled in Long Island, where Nadia and Wilson first crossed paths. The culinary journey continued as the restaurant transitioned to Manhattan Bistro. Post their initial meeting, the duo ventured into the realm of dating, and over the course of a few years, their connection blossomed into an official relationship. Nadia, alongside her partner, is the proud parent of two sons, one of whom bears the endearing name Tadeo. The couple graciously shares glimpses of their family life, capturing moments with their children on Misto’s official Instagram account. Despite this public visibility, the internet remains devoid of additional details about their cherished offspring.

Nadia Farmiga’s Career:
nadia farmiga

Current Profession: Amidst the canvas of their wedded joy, Nadia and her spouse Wilson are thriving professionally as well. In the summer of 2020, the duo ventured into the culinary realm, launching the pop-up and partially private catering establishment, Misto. Nestled in Hudson Valley, Kingston, this dining haven seamlessly blends the flavors of their Brazilian and Ukrainian heritages. Boasting a collective experience of over 25 years in the restaurant industry, the dynamic Hudson Valley couple has found success by focusing on wood-fired cuisine and promoting a wholesome lifestyle.

In a candid interview with Hudson Valley Magazine, Nadia shared her insights, stating:
“As a chef, Wilson’s number one priority is a clean kitchen, food consistency, and well-seasoned food. Misto is about our healthy lifestyle (Wilson cycles and I run), our family, our garden, sustainability, using resources of the Hudson Valley, and our connection with the farmers.”

Regarding the restaurant’s nomenclature, its inspiration stems from a memorable dining experience Nadia and Wilson shared during their journey to Brazil. Farmiga elaborated:
“Wilson liked the name, its meaning in Portuguese, “mixed,” and the fact that it was an easy name to remember. Misto describes us. Misto describes our food, where we grew up, and our cultural heritages.”

Misto’s delivery radius encompasses Germantown, Rhinebeck, Rhine cliff, Red Hook, Milan, Tivoli, and Hudson. A pivotal aspect of their culinary enterprise lies in the utilization of organic, fresh produce cultivated in their own backyard garden. Farmiga disclosed:
“This year, we grew 12 types of tomatoes, seven types of peppers, onions, kale, cucumber, summer and winter squash, watermelon, many types of lettuces.”

Previous Profession: Before delving into the culinary world, Nadia Farmiga, as highlighted in a Hollywood Life article, pursued a career in mechanical engineering, specializing in the field with precision. Her stint as a mechanical engineer equipped her with problem-solving skills, meticulous attention to detail, and a sense of precision, all of which form a solid foundation for her current profession. She devoted several years to the engineering realm. Transitioning into the food industry, Nadia embarked on her culinary journey alongside her future husband at Neuville-Sur-Seine. Their collaboration extended to Le Garrick Restaurant in Manhattan’s bustling theater district. The couple eventually made Kingston their home, where Nadia secured a position at The Downtown Café. Subsequently, she joined Terrapin Restaurant, a prominent establishment in the Hudson Valley culinary scene, dedicating 17 years to honing her craft within its walls.

Trivia about Nadia Farmiga:

Celebrity Sister: Nadia is a celebrity sister of Taissa Farmiga and Vera Farmiga.

Ex-Engineer: She has worked as Mechanical Engineer before embarking on her journey into food industry.

Ukrainian immigrants: Her parents are Ukrainian immigrants.

Misto: She is the co-owner of Misto with her husband.

  • Is Nadia Farmiga related to Vera Farmiga?
    Ans – Yes, Nadia is Vera’s sister.
  • Is Nadia Farmiga married?
    Ans – Yes, Nadia Farmiga is married to Wilson Costa.
  • Is Nadia Farmiga a businesswoman?
    Ans – Yes, Nadia Farmiga and her husband both are co-owners of MISTO.
  • What is the net worth of Nadia?
    Ans – Her net worth has been estimated as 23million.
  • Does Nadi have children?
    Ans – Yes, she is a mother of two children.

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