Hey there little buddies! Today, we're going to talk about someone super cool – Taylor Swift! She's like a musical wizard who turns her feelings into songs that we all love to sing along to.

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Be ready for  Holly-Pens jokes


Hi! I am Holly

Hi! I am Pens

Pens - Because she heard relationships should have ups and downs!

Holly - Why did Taylor Swift bring a ladder to her boyfriend's house?

Pens - She likes them 'note'-worthy! 

Holly - How does Taylor Swift like her relationships?

Pens - A 'Swift' exit! 

Holly - What do you call it when Taylor Swift breaks up with someone?

Pens - She wanted to understand 'subtract-ion' in relationships! 

Holly - Why did Taylor Swift become a mathematician after her breakup?

Pens - Rocky Road – because love can be bumpy sometimes!  

Holly - What's Taylor Swift's favorite flavor of ice cream during a breakup?

Pens - Because it's where she kept her 'cool' after a breakup!

Holly - Why did Taylor Swift write a song about a refrigerator?

Pens - She becomes a 'Sher-lock of emotions'!

Holly - How does Taylor Swift investigate her relationships?

Pens - "Looks like you've got a 'note'-worthy case, Taylor!"

Holly - What did the detective say to Taylor Swift?

Pens - To tell her past self, "Girl, it's all going to be 'Swift'ly fine!"

Holly - Why did Taylor Swift build a time machine?

Pens - "Keep shining, you little 'Swift' star!"

Holly - What did Taylor Swift say to her past self?