Rammstein Being Drugged at Pre-Show Party

Rammstein responds to a fan's accusation of being drugged at a pre-show party in Lithuania.

Shelby Lynn, the fan, took to Twitter to describe the alleged incident after the concert.

Lynn claims her drink was spiked and recounts an encounter with Till Lindemann during the concert intermission.

Rammstein denies the allegations and states that no such incident took place within their environment.

Lynn alleges that Joe Letz, Lindemann's drummer, selected her and other women for a pre-party and after-party.

Letz took videos and headshots of the group, focusing on Lynn.

Lynn consumed two drinks before the show and was not intoxicated.

Letz asked Lynn if she wanted to spend time with Lindemann during the DJ intermission, which she initially suspected to be a sexual encounter.

Lindemann joined the group and served them tequila shots.

Lynn's memory became hazy, and she later posted images of bruises she sustained.

Lynn was led to a small room beneath the stage, where she confronted Lindemann and refused his advances.

Lynn experienced illness the following day, attributing it to being drugged.

Lynn shared her account on Twitter with accompanying videos from the concert.

Consequence contacted Lynn, who stood by her claims.

Rammstein's official statement refutes the allegations, but controversy continues as the investigation unfolds.