Many years later, the government said sorry for treating Oppenheimer badly. They realized they were unfair, and now everyone knows Oppenheimer was an important person in science and keeping the country safe.

Apology After Many Years:


Oppenheimer went to talk to the president about his worries after the atomic bombs. But the president didn't want to hear it and told him to leave.

Upset Meeting with the President:


Oppenheimer had a tricky love life. He got together with his wife when she was still married to someone else. He also had affairs with other women, making things very messy.

Complicated Love Story:


Oppenheimer and a friend wrote about something called black holes in a science magazine. Even though it was a big discovery, Oppenheimer didn't think it was that interesting.

First to Talk About Black Holes:


When Oppenheimer was only 12, he gave a talk about rocks and minerals. People were amazed because he was so young.

Geology Genius as a Kid:


The police watched Oppenheimer closely because they were worried he might leave the country. They even listened in on his conversations, except when he was at home.

Watching Everything:


Some of Oppenheimer's family and friends were part of a group called the Communist Party. This made people think he might be working for another country. He also had a few girlfriends, and this made things even more complicated.

Family and Love Complications:


The government thought Oppenheimer might be a spy because of his friends and ideas. They took away his special access in 1954, saying he didn't care enough about keeping things secret.

Trouble with the Government:


After World War II, Oppenheimer didn't like the idea of making powerful bombs. He wanted rules for everyone about using nuclear weapons. But this made some people not like him, and he lost his job.

Against Big Bombs:


Oppenheimer learned an old language, Sanskrit, to read a Hindu book called the Bhagavad Gita. This book helped him think about life's big questions after the atomic bombs were used.

Ancient Text Curiosity:


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