1. The Grammy stage was set for an unforgettable performance by Kim Petras, who recently shared the empowering words Madonna whispered to her before the show.

2.  In a historic moment, Madonna introduced Kim Petras and Sam Smith at the Grammys, where they captivated the audience with their sensational hit, 'Unholy'.

3. Kim Petras, a talented singer-songwriter, admitted feeling nervous before the performance, but Madonna's encouraging message instantly boosted her confidence.

4. Madonna turned to Petras after her speech and mouthed the empowering words, "Go get it, bitch," instilling a powerful belief in Petras' abilities.

5. Post-show, Madonna took to Instagram to explain her support, highlighting the significance of presenting the first trans-woman performance in Grammy history.

6. The groundbreaking moment didn't end there—Kim Petras and Sam Smith made history as the first openly trans and non-binary artists to win the Grammy for best pop duo/group performance for 'Unholy'.

7. Petras, inspired by Madonna's artistry, has always admired her and draws inspiration from her in her own music career.

8. Petras' major-label debut album, 'Feed the Beast,' is set to release soon, marking a significant milestone in her musical journey.

9. The upcoming Feed the Beast Global Tour promises to be a remarkable experience for fans, showcasing Petras' exceptional talent and captivating performances.

10 . With Madonna's empowering whispers and their groundbreaking Grammy win, Kim Petras and Sam Smith have become trailblazers, reshaping the music industry and inspiring future generations of artists.